John J. Novielli, Licensed Psychologist



John J. Novielli - Licensed Psychologist
437 Devon State Rd. | Devon, PA 19333 | 610-688-4700

Have the life you want not the one you live. Develop with your partner the relationship you always desired and stop living the one that continues to keep you from going forward.

I am a Clinical Psychologist with over thirty years of experience specializing in marital and family relationships and I will help you dismantle the relationship black holes that keep us stuck. I have worked with virtually all age groups and couples, marital and family complications. Whatever your situation is: anger, abuse, non-communication, avoidance, alcohol, drugs, pornography, sexual dissatisfaction, betrayal, affairs, parenting conflicts, depression, anxiety or religious difference, I can assure you, I have dealt with it and much, much more. Together we will develop a plan of change (usually takes one or two sessions) and then we will implement this plan towards changing your situation and your life. You need not be concerned as to where to begin or what to say, as I will guide you from the start. I specialize in child, adolescent, couple, marital, and family relationships using a cognitive therapy approach to dismantle the maladaptive patterns that keep us stuck. I am the author of a manuscript "Tears of the Heart" which describes the ways children, adults, and couples get stuck in unintended habits and behaviors that lead them to a land of disbelief and conflict with others and discontent within themselves.

My approach is practical, focused, and down-to-earth with the specific intent of helping clients minimize their emotional pain as they learn to resolve their problems successfully. Besides the above, my approach draws from a variety of psychological traditions, including Gestalt, Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness Psychologies including the best of Eastern and Western approaches. In addition, the most recent advances of Neuro-Psychological discoveries, of how our brains function to change our behavior are incorporated in my practice. I am trained in Marital Therapy, Family System Therapy,Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Acceptance, Commitment and Forgiveness Models as well as Eastern Psychology and Spiritual Counseling.

John J. Novielli has served as an expert witness to the courts of Chester County, PA in areas of child welfare, child custody, mediation, parenting, marriage, separation, and divorce. He was the former director of Mental Health Outpatient Services of Chester County, PA and Clinical Director of The Open Door, an outpatient drug and alcohol center located in West Chester, PA. He was a psychological consultant to the Divorce Trauma Center in Chester County. He has provided psychological consultation to many schools and Child and Youth Services in areas of domestic relations and abuse. He has been a lecturer for Marywood College and the University of Delaware. He has served on several state mental health committees and as a consultant to many state and private organizations. He is currently a consultant to many churches and religious organizations focusing on areas pf communication, acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

He has appeared on Television and Radio, and several of his letters have been published by the Philadelphia Inquirer.