John J. Novielli, Licensed Psychologist



John J. Novielli - Licensed Psychologist
437 Devon State Rd. | Devon, PA 19333 | 610-688-4700

John J. Novielli has served for three years as an expert witness to the courts of Chester County, PA in areas of child welfare, child custody, mediation, parenting, marriage, separation, and divorce. He was the former director of Mental Health Outpatient Services of Chester County, PA for five years and Clinical Director of The Open Door, an outpatient drug and alcohol center located in West Chester, PA. He was a psychological consultant to the Divorce Trauma Center in Chester County. He has provided psychological consultation to many schools and Child and Youth Services in areas of domestic relations and abuse. He has been a lecturer for Marywood College. He has served in several state mental health committees and as a consultant to many state and private organizations.

He has appeared on Television and Radio, and several of his letters have been published by the Philadelphia Inquirer. His book, Tears of the Heart addresses the psychological dismantling of the American family into a morass of frustration and confusion that is making many of us now feel powerless to control our lives. Still at the publisher, he is anticipating its release.